About Us

Our aim is to provide affordable therapeutic horse-riding and contact with horses predominantly but not exclusively, for children with special needs, including those with physical, mental, emotional and educational disabilities, and those recommended by health professionals as someone who would benefit from riding to promote health, wholeness and increase learning.


All lessons are one to one with Alison who is a British Horse Society Assistant Instructor and is on the BHS register of instructors, lessons are geared to each pupil’s specific needs. Alison is assisted by her daughter Jessie on a Saturday.

We teach position based riding and promote the relationship between horse and person, whether through riding or on the ground believing in the therapeutic qualities of interaction with horses.



Lessons take place in our sand school or a hack along the bridleways and lanes.

Although we specialise in teaching children with disabilities we are open to all ages and abilities, including adults, as long as they are small enough to ride Chelsea, our Cob, and biggest horse, who is 14.2hh.

We use natural horsemanship methods with all our ponies who live out together where they are able to graze freely and exhibit natural behaviour, coming into the yard and stables daily to shelter and feed and be used for lessons.


Established 10 years ago we became a Community Interest Company (CIC) on 1st December 2013 we are currently seeking funding to subsidise our project and make/keep riding affordable for our clients especially those who need to ‘ride for a reason’.

We will hold several ‘open days’ during the year as well as fundraising events we also accept private donations and are open to any offers to raise funds.